Statistics of a single cat page

23 May

Some days ago I opened the page for fun. Now the statistics of visits have started to drop in and it is very interesting reading. First of all, is a single page with a single image and almost no links (except "like" button etc). There is no fancy code of any kind, simple html file with no CRM behind.

While trying to be funny the page is only something you visit for a short time – and probably doesnt come back to. Still… the statistics say:

The average visitor spends 3 minutes on the page (maybe someone took the advice from the footer of the page).
The average visitor visits 1.7 pages (out of a total of 1)
31% of the visitors are returning visitors

So feel free to visit – the safest webpage in the world?


Kitten without captions

20 May

The safest web page in the world… kitten without captions!

Ancient Egyptian Proverb

10 Feb

“If your government shuts down the Internet, shut down your government.”
– Ancient Egyptian Proverb

Never enough funny pictures..

12 Aug

I can never get enough of the funny pictures from Every now and then an exceptionally funny picture comes along so you just have to keep watching!

BP oilspill perspective

18 Jun

25 000 barrels each day.

Found on Kotaku: Unreal Engine Puts BP Oil Spill Into Perspective.

Helpdesk for: The Book

26 May

This makes everyone laugh… well everyone who is not working at a helpdesk because they cry.

This is old news… but oh so good.

1 year celebration

26 May

More than one year have passed since my last post! Impressive.

(And I totally forgot about Duke Nukem…)